Outsourcing judicial work

Outsourcing of judicial work, ie transfer the entire volume of forensic claims work outsourced, among other advantages, with the right approach allows to shift all the legal costs of the Client at his opponents. On request of the person concerned, Bureau staff will come to hold a detailed presentation of this service will give the necessary explanations and draft documents.


Bureau provides services for professional representation of clients in most leading Russian expert institutions.

Legal analyst

Among the services integrated into the group "legal analyst," Bureau offers pretrial analysis of the legal position of the Client, preparation of legal opinions and certificates for individual clients' interests issues, review and updating of the current documentation of the Client subject to relevant law enforcement vessels, to develop recommendations for judicial tactics and Client strategy on individual cases, advising clients on legal cases.
The Bureau also has experience in conducting serious analytical studies in law for public sector organizations and large enterprises. In their studies, the Bureau focuses on the analysis of judicial practice of law in the study area that maximizes the relevance and practical applicability of the research.